Friday, September 17, 2010

Show Your Stuff

Labette Community College in Parsons, Kansas has offered to set up a
Graphics and Imaging Technologies student show
for the month of October in their main gallery, The Hindershot.

If you have print work you're proud of and would like the opportunity
to show it in a gallery setting, please submit.

It's free and will make an excellent item for your resume!

Here's what we want for the show:
- 2D or 3D printed pieces
- Poster and other single panel pieces should be mounted on some kind
of matt board or illustration board to be displayed on the walls.
- Folded pieces will be put in a display case. Include more than one
copy of each so viewers can see the front and inside view of your
folded work.
- Please include a post it note that has your name and the type of
work the piece represents (brochure, package, screen print,
photograph, et cetera)

Here's how to submit for the show:
It's easy, just drop your work off outside of David Oldham's office,
E110D. Lay it on the shelf opposite the door, next to the slide

Time is limited. The show goes up September 29, 2010.

We REALLY want to represent our department well, so please submit your
best work!

Submissions are subject to space availability and is limited to around 30 to 40 pieces.

Contact David Oldham,, 620-235-6140, for more

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Impressive Student Submissions

My Image Composition class has been working on Typographic Illustrations and as I started grading files today I was really blown away by some of the submissions. Keep in mind some of these students are Freshmen and some of them have never used Illustrator before!

Angela Slater

Stephanie Eckert

Shahd Alhazzaa

Emily Smalley

Cassie Pierce

Jordan Frederick

Kathryn Shaw

Robin Mooney

Jentry Craig

Trenton Morris

Who needs $75?

The Business Education Alliance would like to extend invitations for graphic artists within the community to submit a new logo for the organization. We are offering a $75 prize as well as recognition (on the brochure) of the winning artist and company he/she works for.

A draft of the BEA brochure that states our mission and describes our events can be emailed to you as a PDF. Contact me for the file

Please use this information to assist in your logo creation. The winning logo will be placed in the blank space on the front of the brochure.

We encourage and will accept submissions from students as well. If a student’s logo is chosen, his or her name and school will be listed for recognition.

The deadline to submit logos is Tuesday, October 5, and should be in the form of a .JPG image. Please send image(s) to Ruthie Muller ( with a subject heading “BEA logo submission”. The winning logo will be chosen at the October 6 BEA Executive Committee meeting.