Monday, March 29, 2010

Team Project: The Flower Bed Florist Shop

Both classes are participating in a team web design project. The goal is to experience the process of designing a site, dividing up the responsibilities, and staying on task to meet their deadline. In researching the blogs, I've stumbled upon two valuable resources: 1. 35 Excellent Wireframing Resources 2. Free Printable Wireframing paper You are welcome.

The color scheme.

In class brainstorm session results: Word Matrix based on Flowers

In class session: Site map thought process

Winning logo design after revisions.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Portfolio Suggestions

Excerpt from You the Designer: The One Page Graphic Design Portfolio Guide
Tips for Creating a One Page Graphic Design Portfolio
1. Register your own domain and get a paid hosting plan, don’t try and use any free services
2. Keep the layout of the site simple, but don’t be afraid to let some of your personal design style out
3. Find the right balance between low file size and quality for your images
4. Make your contact information easy to find at the top of the site
5. Write a brief 2-3 sentence bio about yourself to personalize the site
6. Link to a downloadable PDF version of your resume that is under 2mb in size
7. Don’t add an excessive number of items to your graphic design portfolios, twelve or so pieces should be fine, but you could go a little higher or lower
8. Add a case study (brief description) under each project
9. Validate your websites CSS and XHTML
10. Do not put any Google ads or other advertisements on your portfolio site

Check out their site for more helpful suggestions. 

I would also suggest you add either a For Creative Commons or Copyright statement to your blog since you are displaying your own work.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What do mouse tracks look like?

This image is a graphic representation of a mouse path after working for 3 hours in Photoshop. 
Want to make one of your own…

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Questions about the Addys

I cannot stress to you the value of competing in the Addy Awards, and of course WINNING! For any winner, but especially a student to list an award on their resume, it is truly a gold seal of approval to your potential employer.

For those of you who do not know, each entry is judged on set criteria; no one wins by default. It is also possible for more than one gold award to be given in a category.

I also want to note that the judges are from the "region" but not local. This year judges came from Tulsa and NW Arkansas. All gold winners have the chance to go on and compete at the National level.

The event is typically held in February, so entries will be due in January 2011.

Anything entered has to have first been created in 2010.

This year, student entry fees were $15 and the event ticket was $15. To qualify for the student category entries have to be a classroom project. You may enter freelance work, but as a professional not as a student.

More Info
Check out the Joplin Ad Club site for additional details. They will have a PDF list of the winners, as well as a link to the Contest Rules.

More details about WHAT the American Advertising Federation is can be found here. More about ADDY Awards here.

DO NOT HESITATE to contact me for more information about this event or if you want help with your entries!

2009-2010 Joplin Ad Club Student Categories:
1A. Packaging
1B. Point of Purchase

2A. Stationery Package
2B. Brochure, Annual Report
2C. Poster



6A. Single
6A. Campaign (2 - 4 ads)

7A. Ad
7B. Insert
7C. NP Ad or Insert Campaign (2 - 4 ads)

8A. Website
8B. Interactive CD/DVD
8C. Online Advertising (Pop-Up/Banner/Email/Other)

Any two-page spread. One editorial spread or feature per entry.
Not intended for submission of entire book or magazine.
9A. Cover
9B. Editorial Spread or Feature (One editorial spread or feature
per entry)
9C. Series (Covers or spreads or features)



12. CAMPAIGNS (Mixed Media)

13A Logo
14A Illustration
14B Digitally Enhanced Illustration
15A Photography
15B Digitally Enhanced Photography
16 Animation

Friday, March 5, 2010

Award Winning Students

The Joplin Ad Club hosted their 2009-2010 ADDY Awards on Saturday, February 27. There were 234 entries from 26 different designers/companies. It gives me great pleasure report that Pittsburg State University was well represented at this event and walked away with a total of 15 of these awards.

Christel Benson and Kendra Leikam posing with EVERYONE'S awards. The two big ones were awarded to students Kendra and Jerime Carpenter.

These are shots from the entries displayed before the event.

Christel Benson, Salman Alkhulif, Jerime Carpenter, and Kendra Leikam (not pictured: Siu Ning Man)

The Joplin Globe ran a story on all of the event winners.

Christel Benson, received two gold and two silver
  • Our Graduates Know Their Business ad campaign
  • Casie Hermansson Loves Kid Lit Business Card
  • Mt. Carmel – Protect Your Hills T-shirt
  • Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce Women of Distinction Calendar (Blake, Don Runyon, PittCraft Printing)

Kendra Leikam, two gold, two silver, and a Special Judge's Award
  • CD package design for Advanced Page Layout
  • Photo Seminar poster
  • Digitally enhanced photography
  • Bic Layout

Salman Alkhulif, one gold, two silver
  • Self-promotion Website
  • EID Poster
  • No Smoking poster

Siu Ning Man, one silver; package design for Advanced Page Layout
  • Only for Child candy packaging for Advanced Page Layout

Jerime Carpenter, one gold Special Judge’s Award
  • CD package design for Advanced Page Layout