Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Huitt receives COT teaching excellence award

“My experiences over the last four years, working with many other colleagues in numerous departments within the College of Technology, strengthens my belief that we all deserve and share in this honor,” said Chris Huitt, assistant professor in the Graphics and Imaging Technologies Department. Full Article >

Pay Day

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

$5000 Scholarship for Women in STEM

The Dory Yochum Scholarship 
MentorNet to award $5000 to an outstanding woman protege in STEM     

MentorNet announced today that it will award $5000 to an outstanding woman protege in honor of its long time champion and Chair of the Board of Directors, Dory S. Yochum. 

On December 5, 2010, MentorNet was profoundly saddened to lose Dory. She worked for 32 years at AT&T Labs, rising to the position of Vice-President and Chief Operations Officer. She also served on the Board of Fraser Research and as Chief Administrative Officer of PalmSource. Dory was a leader in research and technology and an exemplar for our protégés and mentors. To honor and promote her legacy, MentorNet has launched this first annual Dory S. Yochum Scholarship.

To be eligible, a  candidate must be a woman currently pursuing any postsecondary degree in any field of science, technology, engineering or math at a partnering campus or society and a current or former protege of MentorNet. 

Apply by May 15, 2013 by sending an email to DoryPrize@mentornet.net with the following:
  • A description of your experience as a MentorNet protégé, your current status and pursuits as a student, and your career ambitions. Your entry can be in any medium:
     video or animation (no more than 2 minutes),
    audio (no more than 5 minutes), or
    text (no more than one page); 
  • Recommendation from a MentorNet mentor;
  • Resume or curriculum vitae, including your contact information
  • DEADLINE MAY 15, 2013