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What is Geotagging?

Geotagging is when geographical identification data is added to media such as photographs and video. This data often consists of latitude and longitude coordinates. Modern digital cameras (especially cameras in smart phones) often include this data as well as the date and time that the picture was taken. In many cases the phone user does nothing to include such ‘tagged’ data to the picture. It is simply…there.

How can it be dangerous? If geotagged pictures and video are posted online there is potential for someone to locate the location of where the picture/video was taken (your home, your school, your place of work, etc.). This can, and has, led to robbery and stalking crimes.

Most experts are not recommending that users discontinue posting pictures to their favorite social network sites like Facebook and Twitter (through Twit Pics, Tinyurl, etc.), but rather that they evaluate who they are connected to online. The key is to be connected to those that you trust.


-Take time to review who is on your friend list/following you and make sure that you have trusted contacts connected to your private information.

-Visit your account settings to review who can access your information online.

-Remove geotags from your photos if you want to maintain a large group of close friends as well as not-so-close friends online.

Removing Geotags:

Dangers in Posting Geotagged photos:

Geotagging definition:

Angela Neria
Chief Information Officer
Pittsburg State University
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762

Image Source | CC BY 2.O |

Word Matrix

Note Pad Post

Planning: Word Matrix

Self-Promotion Note Pad
Serve as a leave behind piece at Career Fair, Company Day, and job interviews.

Overall goal
Demonstrate both design and production skills. Showcase either design, typography, illustration, or photography ability. Discuss the process of preparing files for output and working within a set budget and project constraints.

Call to Action
Potential employer to view my portfolio on my blog and either call or email me with a job offer.

Idea Development: Thumbnail sketches

Rough with margins and bleed indicated

Final artwork!

Project Specifications
Trims to 5 x 7 inches
1 color black | No bleed
50 sheets per pad
padding and chip board back
Cost per pad | $3
Estimated Production time | 5 days
File format provided | Packaged InDesign file or PDF with crop marks

Source | The images above were created by Caitlin Lawrence

PDF settings & Bleed

Incorrect | For your bleed to appear you have to set it in all 3 places:
  1. Native Software (Build it into photo in Photoshop or set bleed in Illustrator document settings. Artwork must extend past trim area into the bleed you set)
  2. InDesign | Document Set-Up gives you the option to indicate bleed. Bleed must extend past trim line to the red bleed line. In the image below, pink line is margin, black line is your page size or trim area, blue line indicates bleed.
3. PDF Settings | You must "check" Use Document Bleed Settings. If you do NOT check this box, #1 and #2 does not matter, you will not see your bleed in your PDF.

The image above is how your final PDF with bleed should look. Crop marks should be solid lines, set into the image.

Photoshop Formats

Grayscale Raster | full bleed | Save as flattened eps or tif | color mode: grayscale

Must be 300 resolution and 1/8 inch bleed should be built into your Photoshop file.
For a 6 x 4.25 inch post card cover, your PS file should measure 6.25 x 4.5 to accommodate bleed on all four sides.

Duotone Raster | full bleed | Only save as eps | color mode: Duotone
I used PMS 116 + black for my duotone
(You must convert your image to Grayscale first, to get the Duotone option)

Must be 300 resolution and 1/8 inch bleed should be built into your Photoshop file.
For a 6 x 4.25 inch post card cover, your PS file should measure 6.25 x 4.5 to accommodate bleed on all four sides.

Four Color Raster | full bleed | Save as flattened eps or tif | color mode: CMYK

Must be 300 resolution and 1/8 inch bleed should be built into your Photoshop file.
For a 6 x 4.25 inch post card cover, your PS file should measure 6.25 x 4.5 to accommodate bleed on all four sides.

COB created using a clipping path in Photoshop | Only save as eps

Must be 300 resolution and 1/8 inch bleed should be built into your Photoshop file. A COB cannot be a full bleed, but if it bleeds of any side, you need to account for this by building it in, in PS. Your COB can be created from any of your above color modes; duotone, grayscale or cmyk.

Create a Clipping Path in Photoshop
[this step needs to be taken, when bringing an image into InDesign or Illustrator without the rest of the background. You will not see the final result in PS. It will only appear once you place the saved image into InDesign or Illustrator]
  1. Make final size adjustments (you do not want to size your photo AFTER you create your path)
  2. Draw a path using the pen tool*
  3. In the paths panel (make sure this window is open) select Save Path
  4. After you have saved the path in the same drop down select Create Clipping Path
  5. Save file as eps
If you create your path with the lasso tool, you have an extra step. In the Paths panel select "Make work path" first. Then follow the steps above.

Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 ADDY Carnavale

Saturday, February 19, 2011, Joplin AAF hosted the 2011 ADDY Carnavale. Our students and instructors won 11 Gold, 18 Silver, Student Best of Show and 2 Special Judges Awards! For more information about the competition, click here.

Entries on display

Caitlin Lawrence and fiance Keith. She won for their wedding invitation package.

Curtis Thornton, Sara Hixon and fiance Matt.

Jessee Swezey checking out her camera before the presentation.

Chris Huitt accepting award from GIT student volunteer, David Staton.

Hillary Reeve Heflin accepting one of her four awards.

Jessee Swezey accepting her first award.

The whole gang!

The Student Best of Show, Lauren White. Special Judge's Award recipient, Sara Hixon. People's Choice Award winner, Jerime Carpenter. Jerime also won a Special Judge's Award, last year!

Jerime and his lovely wife.

Check out a few student perspectives:
Hillary Reeve Heflin
Caitlin Lawrence

The Winners

Jerime Carpenter
Peoples Choice Award | Murder Blues Band Poster*
Gold | Murder Blues Band Poster | Digital File Preparation
Silver | Murder Blues Band T-shirt | Advanced Screen Printing

* The People's Choice Award was a result of all attendees voting on their favorite Print, Broadcast, Web, and Student Entry

Crista Cunningham
Silver | Split Face Typographic Illustration | Image Composition

Kris Hartley
Silver | Oceanside Rock Fest Brochure | Digital File Preparation

Hilary Heflin
Silver | Mini Baja Brochure | Digital File Preparation
Silver | Sugary Spoons Logo | Investigations
Silver | Sugary Spoons Menu | Investigations
Silver | Sugary Spoons Stationary | Investigations

Sara Hixon
Gold | Screen Print on Canvas Resume | Digital File Preparation*
Gold | Matt and Sara Save the Date | Page Layout
Gold | SL Designs CD Package | Page Layout

*Special Judges Award "Most Memorable 'Leave Behind'

Caitlin Lawrence
Gold | Caitlin and Keith Wedding Invite package | Digital File Preparation

Cassie Pierce
Silver | Paintball Poster | Image Composition

Emily Smalley
Silver | Rock On Typographic Illustration | Image Composition

Pitt State Gives a Damn | See it on YouTube!

James Smith |
Silver | Pitt State Gives a Damn Animation | Investigations
Silver | Date and Dash Poster
Gold | Green is the New Black campaign

Jessee Swezey
Silver | Tasty Tree Fireside Roast Coffee packaging
Silver | Tasty Tree Tea Box packaging

GIT 341 | Digital File Preparation

Curtis Thornton
Silver | Poje Coffeehouse Full page publication ad | Digital File Preparation

Lauren White
Student Best of Show | Lauren White Self Promotion | Senior Project
Silver | What's Next Kit
Silver | Blood: Water Mission Poster
Silver | TriSport Athletics Logo
Gold | Lauren White Self Promotion | Senior Project

Christel Benson, Assistant Professor
Gold | Salon 9 Logo Identity
Silver | Piper & Joel Stewart Wedding Package

Chris Huitt, Assistant Professor
Gold | PSU Graphics and Imaging Banners
Gold | Graphics Guide Service Packaging
Gold | GIT Centennial Awards Banquet Program

Also in attendence:
Kimi Dowling and family
Ian Yates

Student Volunteers | David Staton & Cassie Pierce.

Jenny Durkin | PSU PR Department