Monday, May 7, 2012

Injured Student: Devin Greenwood

Please send good thoughts to GIT major, Devin Greenwood. He was severely injured Saturday night, when his truck was struck by a train. Devin was rushed to Freeman hospital in Joplin MO but then transported to Cox South in Springfield MO. He has a broken pelvis, eye socket and several ribs, a punctured lung and is cut up from head to toe! Devin is just very lucky to still be with us.

He is in stable condition but heavily medicated to control the tremendous amount of pain.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Special Topic: Portfolio Presentation

During this special topics course, students were required to do the following:
  • develop a personal identity brand and corresponding materials
  • rework a project
  • develop a new project
  • complete a client project
  • conduct mock and community interviews
  •  complete a digital and hard copy portfolio
  • apply for a job every week

These images are from their final portfolio presentations.  

Photos were taken by Kris Hartley


 Caitlin Weaver had a great mix of student, internship and freelance work to display. She has kept her blog current since her sophomore year. If you want to hear more about her thoughts on the Portfolio class, you can read it here.

 Josh Herder completed a set of mini boards where each piece had a QR code that takes you directly to that project on his web portfolio. He did an excellent job demonstrating this with his iPad.

 Kimi Dowling displayed her personal identity brand, and all of the event invitation work she has been doing as a freelancer. She also had some nice tutorials from Illustrator.

 Kris Hartley was lucky enough to be interning in the University Marketing and Communication office during the National Championship. She was able to complete several projects branded for this event. She also did an excellent job of displaying her photography.

 Paul Manger is not graduating yet, but this class gave him a great jump start on getting his portfolio in order. He had an interactive personal identity set, several client projects, and a great graphic novel for his Senior Project.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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